Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose." - Evan Esar

This past weekend was drama filled and SO fun. Friday night was the usual Agave with Stephanie and others. It was a fun night, until a person said quite a hurtful thing to me, but actually.. I needed to hear them say something so untrue and mean so I can finally convince myself that they are indeed a person I should not care for or try to believe that has good intentions and is just saying things out of hurt feelings. Anyways, that was a long night, to say the least.

Saturday night was much better and much needed. My friend Karla Elle from 'the boro' came down to Nashville for the night to hang out. Also Kit was in town on tour with Norma Jean so I was super excited to see him.. even though the night didn't allow us to hang out, sad. But when Karla got here we went to get coffee at Fido's, and I looked outside and saw Kit walking down the street! So I ran out, yelled at him.. and we hugged and all of that good such.. so that was the extent of seeing Kit lastnight. BUT I'm still glad I ran into him, at least.

Anyways, Karla and I got ready and then we went over to Stephanie's to have champagne, and of course.. Stephanie made a fire in her backyard. She is so cute. She loves making fires more than anyone I've ever met. Karla swore she must be a 'pyro', haha. Later, we all went over to Jeremy's for a campfire. So much fun, so many people, and of course.. I had Karla there, so I was happy the whole night through. So basically, good fun drama filled weekend. Love those!

Friday night at Agave with Stephanie and Sarah.
Miss Karla Elle - Love this girl.Stephanie, Karla Elle, and Me at Jeremy's campfire.

OH! And Saturday during the day was my first day to work the Presidential Debate 08. Even though I just checked people in and made Belmont giftbags, it was still a lot of fun. Tomorrow I work with ABC all day in the media tent! I can't wait!!! And then Tuesday I'm going to a viewing of CBS, and they are interviewing students. So watch out mom and dad, you just might get a wink or a shout or something!


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i love you and john lennon.