Saturday, November 22, 2008


So.. I saw Twilight tonight with my cousin Abijah. I didn't think I would be able to find anyone to go see it with tonight because none of my friends are back home yet, but then I asked Abijah. I was SO SO SO happy to go see the movie.
I'll admit it was a bit corny at certain parts, but the movie is about vampires, not real life, so of course it's going to be that way a bit. Regardless, I loved it. It only made me love the books more though. Speaking of which, I got the last two books today so I am going to try to finish the second tonight. That's a lot of reading though, but I will get hooked once I start.
Okay okay, I realize I sound like a crazy nerd. So I'll stop.
Here is my favorite song off of the soundtrack, and it shows some parts of the movie:


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Mark Monroe said...

glad to see you have one of these.
miss you so hard core.