Friday, December 26, 2008

Dai capelli rossi..

I have fallen a bit behind on my entries, but that is not surprising consider I am on break, at home, and enjoying the holidays with my family..
Anyways, last Saturday I got the pleasure of celebrating one of my dearest friends, Megan, birthday. She turned the big 20. We had the get together at her cabin up in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. It was quite the night, I must say. Lots of good drinks, cooking, laughs, photos, videos, random happenings, and potty trips outside with Megan by my side, hah. Oh yeah, can't forget Megan being all cute and happy dancing and then hitting the back of her head on the big pole inside of the cabin. She's too cute.
Here are the photos from that night:

Love you, Mego! Ciao.

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