Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, I'm in lovvvve.

My favorite collection of NYC Fashion Week 09 was.. Anna Sui. Amazing! Her line this year was so whimsical and French, so of course.. I fell in love.
Another source put it best:

"Sui honed her talent in her fall 2009 collection, unveiling her inspirations from turn-of-the-century France. “She approaches [fashion] by picking up something that’s so nuanced and she brings it to the catwalk in the most vivid way, the way she portrays fashion, there’s a kind of compassion, that what I call it is a cultural pragmatism “ says Gene Krell, fashion director at Vogue Japan, of the designer."

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Oh Anna Sui, how I love you.


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

I think my favorite part about this collection has to be the prints. They are beautiful. In addition to this, I really enjoy the beannies. They are really cute.

Oh Daysha.


sarah brooks said...

good call, so inspired right now by these. beautiful. need to go shopping, first need to rob a bank or something

ooh! said...

So many colours and textures!! Yessss.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed, the collection was to die for! Been meaning to do a post, but can't seem to find the time!! Great post. xo

rhisheely said...

her line is simply perfect