Sunday, February 1, 2009

So last weekend was quite intense. There really was nothing going on last Friday night, so I decided to drive to Murfreesboro and hang out with Renee and Karla. We went to Renee's brother's show, then another show (that was really good), and then finally to a party. I now know some of the people at that party, but when we first went we didn't really know anyone. Renee did, of course.. but not Karla or me. Anyways, they had this corner in the living room that had a HUGE bucket of nerf guns. I seriously probably sat there in total for an hour or two and could not stop playing with the nerf guns. I had so much fun.. maybe I should have been a born a little boy.

Last Saturday night was a very fun night. Karla come to Nashville, which of course, made me happy! We went to Johnny Kingsbury's birthday party at this random house. Jake and Sarah also came along too! Which is always fun. At first, the party wasn't too outrageous, but after a couple of hours there were soo many people there. We could hardly turn around or walk, it was so crowded. Then we went to the basement when Jensen Sportag started to play, and we danced the night away for a good two hours. To say the least, we got our exercise that night for the weekend. It was SO much fun.

So, this weekend I planned on just staying it in and taking it easy, considering last weekend was too much, almost. But of course I did not end up doing that. Friday night, Me, Paige, and Sarah drove to Murfreesboro to go to a party with Karla. It was a little uncomfortable, at first.. but then we had some good drinks and good dances.
Lastnight Karla come to Nashville. We went to the Rock Showcase here at Belmont and actually it was super good. You should check out these bands:
The Hollywood Ten
The Delta Saints
We were really surprised by how good the showcase was, besides the Paramore - want - to - be - girl. Ew. She even sang a Paramore song! Commmmmmmmme on.
Then we went and got ourselves some wine. It was very tasty but somewhat odd. It was carbonated, so strange. We eventually (finally) met up with Weston at this random party, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Even though I had some pretty serious political talks on the back porch last night during the party, it was a good time.
Around 2am me, Karla, Weston, Dave, Zach, and Joe decided to head over to the Linden House. I figured I would see Renee, but she was already gone by the time we got there. Sad. It was a good time, but by that time.. especially by 430am, I was dead tired. Weston riding the bicycle in the house was hilarious though.. goodness.

And then after the Linden House, we had more fun. Until the wee hours of the morning. I haven't stayed up that late in forever. We honestly just sat there and laughed for a while. Thank you to some nice, pretty friends - we enjoyed our night/morning.

So yeah, the past two weekends kind of have been the same! Fridays - I went to Murfreesboro and Saturdays - Karla came to Nashville. So happy, love it.

We got coffee and a hangover bomb (onion bagel, cream cheese, and veggie sausage) today at Fido, and we decided that we need to keep this hanging out schedule set. We have become such close friends.. I couldn't be more content. She is an amazing girl, whom I love with my wholllle heart. Plus, she's not bitchy.. which I've experienced a lot of those types here in Nashville. Ew.

Oh: These photos are Karla and I before going out last night.

Okay, that's all. Ciao fellow bloggers. hah!


Katy said...

this made me miss you. i could actually hear your voice while reading... speaking of which, i haven't heard it in quite some time. i hope that changes soon.

Karla Elle said...

I love you Daysha, and I love our weekends together.
And I love the UH-MAY-ZING plans we come up with, and I love how we can understand eachother.
And well, the list goes on...
Love you gorgeous friend o'mine!

Tony Toni Toné said...

heyy love
your blogg!
im following it

check mines out