Monday, March 30, 2009

Southern Thrift thank you for this wonderful, soft sweater.. Mom, I know you will hate it.

Life has been a whirlwind lately. So much has happen, so much is still happening, and I feel as if I cannot breathe some days. I keep pushing through though and obviously whatever I'm doing is working. Do you ever feel like there is so much you have to handle at that certain moment in your life and all you want to do is scream, quit, or get away? Yeah.. well, that is how I have felt for the past two weeks or so. I always have to stop myself before I get too overwhelmed, and I have been doing pretty well at it lately.. but one day I just could not pull myself together. Sometimes you need those moments though. It is part of life.. unfortunately.

I need a break, obvi.. so I am very excited to be going to Las Vegas in two days! I have never been so it should be quite the fun trip. I love going to places that I have never traveled to before. Hopefully I will be able to control my stressful self while I am there.. I guess we will see.

What a boring entry. Sorry, I have nothing really to give. Just a photo of my awesome sweater which my mother will most likely tell me is ugly and old looking. I love her honesty.. it makes me laugh. She is too cute.

Oh, my parents are too cute.. just look at them back in the day:

They are precious, and my two favorite people in this whole world. I love them so much.



Dach said...

Wow, your dad is rockin' that beard. It's out of control.

Reeanna said...

Mom would hate the sweater. At least its soft and comfy. :0)

Daysha said...

She actually loved it! hahaha..