Friday, March 13, 2009

Today my parent's friend Harvey brought over three baby pugs (6 weeks old) for me to see. Of course, I automatically fell in love with all of them. How could you not? My dad wanted one so badly too! Just look at those little faces. It make me think of how little Auggie used to be. I brought them over for my grandma to see, and she was so excited and happy. It was so cute to watch them play with each other, and then they even chased Auggie! Hah, so funny. The first two photos of the baby pug is of the girl of the group, and she kept whining because she was freezing so I would hold her, she would fall asleep, and then I would put her down to play.. and she would keep coming back to me, trying to get in my lap and get warm. I wanted to keep her so badly! They all were precious:

One day, I will have LOTS of baby pugs!! But for right now, Auggie is the only pug for me.

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beautiful truth. said...

AWHHH! Cute, little versions of Auggie!