Friday, September 18, 2009

I am so blessed in life, and I have not been this happy in quite some time. I feel that things are going well, and I am enjoying what I am doing.. But I miss my family. Especially these five people. Sometimes I wish I was still 5,13,17 .. and just at home with all of them and Auggie, of course. Isn't it funny that the things that annoyed you sometimes when you were younger, are the things you now miss the most?
I miss having to be at the dinner table every night. I miss having to drink milk with dinner before I could drink anything else. I miss waking up at 2am every morning, going downstairs, laying on the couch with my mom, and having her tickle me to sleep. I miss my dad's beyond loud sneezes and big, tight bear hugs. I miss my brothers being annoying little buttheads to me, and then standing up for me five minutes later. I miss my sister always giving me advice.
I miss home.

Oh, and when I have children.. they will have to be at the dinner table every night, and they will have to drink milk before they can drink anything else. I used to hate that, but now that I don't have that in my life anymore.. I realize how much those moments meant to me.

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