Thursday, November 19, 2009

So tonight was most definitely a Nashville highlight. My wonderful friend Sara took me to a Q&A with hip hop artist Drake at Ocean Way (amazing recording studio in a church, so beautiful). He was the most humble person I have ever heard speak, so adorable and oh so sexy, hilarious, and intelligent. I was completely surprised by the interview and how down to earth he was throughout the whole process. There were a few statements that he said that have been some of the best in any interviews I have seen yet. I thought I would share:

"You were raised Jewish, correct?"
"Ya, but very lightly.. I was like Diet Jewish"

"I actually never have told this story before, but I smoke marijuana for the first time before my audition for Degrassi. To say the least, I was really into it."

"Are you a gangsta killer?"
"Far from it actually. I wear knitted sweaters."

And then Drake did a hilarious impression of Lil Wayne. Everyone was laughing.

He also spoke about keeping the ones you care about most close with you while you make it to the top. He said he didn't want to have people appointed to him. He wanted to already trust the people he would be working with as well as let them have a chance at being successful because when you are successful with people you actually care about, it makes it much more enjoyable.

This interview has by far been the most interesting, intriguing, and enjoyable one I have attended here in Nashville.
Drake was a doll. He stole my heart.

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