Saturday, November 28, 2009

Someone asked me why my best friends are always boys, the other day.
And my response was that I've never been able to trust any of my girl friends.
And the sad thing is that this is completely true.

I have a few right now that I am beginning to think/realize that I can trust, and I hope that this is true.. only time will tell. But I know that my two best friends (who were/are girls) in my life, have completely taking advantage of me, lied to me, talked about me behind my back to MY friends and others, etc... and I simply cannot look past that.. I have been ignoring it lately but starting now, I am letting go of them.
I don't need people in my life who hurt me when all I have done is been there for them, listened to them cry, scream, and complain about many things.. and have been a person they could trust.

I'm over and done with them and honestly it hurts, but I know in the end it's for the best.
Friends or no friends, I have what means the most to me.. my family.

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