Monday, February 8, 2010

'Be still, and know that I am God.'
- Psalm 46:10

- I experienced something different today. It was difficult for a few minutes.. before, during and after. When I came back home, I decided to try to not think about what I had just spoke of.. but of course, I did. Instead of staying inside of this beautiful apartment that sometimes feels like a cave, I went outside to just sit and get all of my messy thoughts in order. I wasn't exactly sad or upset, but I was a bit emotional, which was understandable at this moment. I turned my head towards the sky, and it was completely silent right then. I just stared up at the sky, and this verse came to me. This is one of my favorites, and when I thought of it today.. with complete silence surrounding me and looking at the sky, it was perfection. I felt a weight taken off of my chest. -

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