Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photo via 1773

I saw this photo today, and it made me miss my Auggie so much. As lame as this may sound, I remember when I used to cry or get upset.. he would know. No kidding. I would go upstairs to my room and all of a sudden I would hear a little whimpering and sniffing under my door. I would open the door, and he would pop up, this little fat precious puppy. He would just look at me, then run and jump on my bed, sit with me and look at me until I was better. Sounds so stupid, I know.. but it actually meant everything to me. I would talk to him and pretend he was listening (he really was) and then I would fall asleep with him snoring right next to me. I remember a time in my life that was very difficult. I was the only child living at home, and I had to be strong for others. I had good friends, but I still felt completely alone in my struggle and pain. I depended on Auggie. He made me forget things when I looked at him, or when he would fall over or get excited to see me. But he also brought me comfort during the long nights when I couldn't sleep because all that was on my mind was losing someone I love so dearly. Auggie would stay right next to me. He wouldn't wake up until I woke up. He knew something was wrong, and he wasn't going to let me get down.

It is amazing what God creates. And it is so incredible to think of what/who our hearts love and the reasons why.. a puppy has meant more to me in my life than most people. I will always carry him in my heart.

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