Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Keep true to the dreams of thy youth." - Friedrich von Schiller

Okay, so this is going to be quite a big entry.
This weekend was amazzzzing. Friday night, my best friend Loryn and her two friends came into town from Johnson City for the MSTRKRFT, LA RIOTS, FELIX CARTAL show. Stephanie and Renee came over before the show, and we all got ready together. The show was amazing. I got to see some more of my friends, as well as hang out with Felix for a bit. So the night was beyond fun. I was sooooo happy to have Loryn by my side.
Saturday, the girls and I went to go get sushi at PM, and then we went to the park because it was such a nice sunny pretty day, but it got cold towards the end. It was sooo cold lastnight, but the weather allowed me to be able to wear my mother's jacket from the 60s, that I am in love with.. So I was very happy about that.
So here are most of the photos, I tried to pick the ones that are the best so I didn't have to upload soooo many. Enjoy!

Getting ready with the girls Friday night:

Miss Loryn.

Stephanie and Renee.

We thought the tile wall would be a good background?


Miss MaryAnn.


Felix and I telling secrets.

Felix smiling, and me.. I don't know.

"Bored? Lets go."

Stephanie being cute.

Sam and I.

My beautiful best friend.

Loryn and Daniel.

Love this photo of Felix.


Stephanie and Justin.



Saturday with the girls at PM and the park:

Renee being all pretty.

Ciao, Ciao.

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Lara D. Boyd said...

i love all this pictures! you are so pretty! hope all is well!! (: