Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I say, you say.

Obviously I haven't been doing what I originally said I would.. putting a quote for every entry title. I have put up some of the all time favorites so far, and I will share more as I continue to blog, but I don't always find it necessary to title certain entries with quotes. So yeah, I don't know why I really should write about that but whatever.

Anyways, Elle Magazine does Street Looks and they recently took some photos of stylish people on the streets of Milan during Fashion Week 08. It was one of my favorite Street Looks of Elle yet:

I love this woman's hair and jacket:

Love her booties:

And of course, my favorite look of all:

Please God send me a man that looks exactly like this.

Okay, time to go be with my family. Just thought I should share the beautiful people and their beautiful clothes with everyone.

Ciao Bella!

1 comment:

Mark Monroe said...

i love looking at street style sites!
these are some hot looks!