Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Remember, no man is a failure who has friends." - It's a Wonderful Life

I've been in this weird mood lately.. but then again, that is not surprising.

People I have known for years and years are changing. People that I have loved with all of my heart, are changing. I want to accept it, but I can't.. and I won't.
All of this has made me realize that in the end, I just need my family.. and I'm beyond blessed when it comes to family. It amazes me.

On a different note, I feel bad for my entry a couple weeks ago about The Band. Because I am once again declaring my favorite band is.. The Beatles. I thought for a minute that is was The Band, but nothing.. and I mean no one, no band, no duo.. can compare to The Beatles. At least when it comes to my opinion.. others might disagree.

I've been busy today, but I've sat in my bed.. freezing, drinking black coffee (no more cream), with all lights off except my Christmas lights that mom sent me, and have watched Beatles videos for about 2 hours now.

Words cannot explain how much I respect The Beatles, how much they have influenced me in different ways, how much I love their musical talents and writing talents, and how much I love their overall life stories.
And of course, John is my favorite Beatle.. always has been. So being in the weird mood that I'm in, I watched these two videos and of course, cried.. a lot:

Love is the answer.

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