Monday, November 17, 2008

"In Italy, the concept of the family is very important." - Monica Bellucci

This past weekend was random and fun. I didn't do anything too exciting, at least nothing exciting enough to write about.. other than, on Sunday I layed in my bed for about 6 to 8 hours straight watching The Godfather marathon. I was SO happy that it was on. I even called me dad to let him know. The Godfather movies never get old.


And I have realized I want to find a man that looks like a young Al Pacino. He was such a handsome Italian man:

Anyways, I am consumed with school right now. I am trying to get most of my work done before Friday so I can go home early. I can't wait. I'm so happy and excited to know I get to be with my family for a bit. I miss home so much right now. It will be a much needed little vacation.

Hope everyone is doing well! Ciao Bella!

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