Monday, January 26, 2009

I would like to say, "it was good while it lasted..", but then i would be lying to myself. To think it would have worked out was me being ignorant. I'm glad the summer of 08 is in my past.
Here is how it went:
When beauty asks a question how often do you reply?
How often are you deterred by the other side?
The other side of sorrow and rage.
On the other side of okay at all in any way.
Lonely drives breathing in the hot air.
Tell me you'll be waiting, tell me you'll be wanting.
Smokey room with your fake eyes that so easily disguise your lies.
Keep lying to me, until I find the answer to this feeling.
Let me in, take me in, and simply let me go.
But instead I let you in just like I've always done.
Victim to your charm and your allure.
Directed toward your face I fired rounds of words.
But you were still sitting there when the smoke cleared.
So let me count the ways I adore you.
And let me count the ways I abhor you.

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