Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The weather is nasty outside, and it has been this way the whole day/night. I wish I was back home, by the fire, laying with Auggie, and having my parents around. I love those days.
Speaking of Auggie (my pug).. I went to a very neat store on 21st with Sarah last week because she needed new glasses, and I looked in the back room and saw a tiny tiny puppy. So of course, I freaked out, asked if I could go play with it.. and they said Yes! So I'm sitting there playing with a white and brown miniature dotson, cutest thing ever.. and I see in the back room a poster of a PUG with glasses on. I told the salesman that I would pay him for the poster, and being the nice man he is.. he said I could have it for free. Although this may not seem like a big deal to any of you, it was most likely the highlight of my day, week, and possibly month. I am in love with it.


Anonymous said...

that's the cutest thing ive ever seen

beautiful truth. said...

you need to see a therapist :)

sarah brooks said...

can you even know how much i understand. so cool