Monday, February 16, 2009

Before I start doing my lovely homework, I must share my favorite line of Spring 09.
Balmain Spring 09:

Quite amazing, I must say. First of all, if you have read my blog lately you know I'm obsessed with the Crystal Studded Heels and the bottom right corner green dress. Jennifer Connelly wore the outfit to her movie premiere and looked quite dashing in it. The jeans paired with the detailed jackets are lovely, as well. I have become a big Balmain fan now because of this Spring 09 line. It's a little bit rocker-chic, but girly flairs here and there at the same time.
I'm in love.


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

i am so jealous of your previous post.
i want to be up there partying real soon!
cody and i need a weekend trip to the city!

Anonymous said...

oh oh i love it !

italian fashion holiday. said...

i have to agree with you 100%. the balmain spring '09 collection might be my most favourite, by far. every piece is gorgeous! thanks for checking out my blog, yours is very lovely :)