Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goodness, I don't even know where to begin.. so much has happened these past days.. so I'll try my best to explain:

So Thursday, Karla came to Nashville because she had a meeting AMAX. We met up with Riley at Bongo before her meeting and enjoyed coffee and Italian Cake! It was so so good!
THEN, after her meeting we went thrifting at Southern Thrift and Goodwill. We had so MUCH success, it was wonderful. My favorite buy: A pair of 1920s, peasant worker/factory worker men's lace up shoes. (Karla's explanation) haha.. so true though. They are wonderful. I don't want to wear any other schools. After thrifting we went and got sushi at PM, which of course.. was wonderful. We had girl talk time during dinner, SO needed.
We then went to Murfreesboro to go to this little get together. To say the least, it was not worth our time.. so we left and came back to Nashville.
Then Russell came over for a bit to say hi and hang out! (that is him in the top 3 photos) He is such a happy, nice, pretty boy. So we had fun just sitting around.
After Russell left we then went and hung out with Stephen and Ben. We drank some wine and did a vertical pile! It was hilarious. The night continued into the wee hours.. until finally we all went to sleep.

Friday was quite EXCITING, I must admit. Karla and I woke up, got ready.. and we went to Fido to do a bit of homework, and of course.. we once again, split the hangover bomb bagel.. AMAZING! We seriously cannot get enough of it. We stayed there for a couple of hours, and then we decided to go to Grimey's to look at a couple of records.
So we walk in and standing directly in front of us was.. GENE SIMMONS. I just stopped. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of his.. but he is a rock legend. He reached out his hand to mine, grabbed my hand, and started to twirl me around. I couldn't stop giggling. I probably looked like a nervous, obsessed fan.. but I couldn't believe I was being twirled by Gene Simmons, from KISS.. haha! Then we spoke to him for a bit, and he was perverted.. of course, but it was quite funny because that's exactly how I imagined him to be. Then of course, we got photos with him. The sunglasses were his idea.. which of course, was a great idea!
Although he is quite the perverted, somewhat disgusting rock star.. he was very nice and lovely. He was more than happy to speak to anyone in the store and was laughing the whole time.
I've met a lot of well known people, but I must admit that he is on the top of the list. He was hilarious.. Karla and I couldn't stop laughing.
Once we left Grimey's we screamed in the car, like little girls.. and then Karla put on KISS, and we drove back to my apartment blasting it and not being able to comprehend we just met a rock legend. It was a GREAT day. - My Favorite Gene picture is down below because it wouldn't fit correctly up here.. the one with the sunglasses.. CLASSIC!

After the whole Gene Simmons meeting, we went back to my apartment to get ready for the night. We got us some sparks to sip on, and then we went to the Treasure Fingers, Justin Kase, Buckmaster, and Hands Off Sam show at 12th & Porter. Karla and I were READY to dance. We were so happy it was dance music we were about to see.When we arrived, there weren't many people there.. but Sam was playing, so Karla and I decided to go up front to dance. And dance, we did.. forevvvvvvvvvvvvver. Goodness, and finally we decided to go get water after about two hours of dancing. Jeremy Todd (third picture from the bottom) texted me and told me to get up on stage with him, so we went up on stage, while Justin Kase was playing. And we continued to dance.. Then Treasure Fingers went on, and more and more people got up on stage, so it got a bit overwhelming. Finally, I had to just stand for a while because it was unbelievably hot and my feet were KILLING me.
We were at the show from about 10 - 330, it was quite the night. Afterwards, we went to eat with some people at Cafe Coco. I was hungry, but I couldn't even think enough to eat because I was so tired, so I just sat there and watched everyone eat.

Yesterday, I was pretty sure I would spend Valentines Day alone, but I was wrong! I ordered mexican food take out. I ate dinner and planned on getting some things done. But then Russell texted me and asked what I was doing, then said I'm coming over! It was nice to have good company. We talked, watched videos of him when he was in a hardcore band, he ate mint chocolate ice cream with animal crackers, then we went to Sonic because I wanted a slush, and then we watched "Shit Happens" Everytime I Die DVD.. so Valentines night was actually pretty fun and nice to finally just relax.

I had to post a picture of the beautiful, spring time flowers my dad sent me yesterday! I love them so much. They are totally what I would pick out. He knows me all too well.
When I received them, I cried so much. I miss my dad and mom a lot. They do everything for me, and would go to the end of the world if I needed something. I'm so blessed to have such amazing parents. So I guess I was just overwhelmed and thankful my dad would do such a nice, sweet gesture for me on Valentines Day.
Aren't they beautiful?!

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