Sunday, February 8, 2009

So we were at it again this weekend. Karla came to Nashville for both Friday and Saturday! It was sooo lovely. She makes me sooo happy (if you haven't already notice).

The beginning of Friday night was most likely the best part of it all. Karla got into town, we got ready, and then we headed to PM to get dinner around 530 or so. Sam was working (YAY!), and he was our waiter.. which was lovely because he was making us laugh so much. We ate some yummy crunchy krab and miso soup, and then we have a couple of beers. We stayed there for a quite a bit, as well .. mainly because Sam was being so good to us, and we all couldn't stop laughing. Plus Karla pointed something out - Nashville really does have some very attractive guys, haha. That was our main talk while we sat at PM, oh and how boys were being so shady that night.. oh well. We had fun together.

After dinner, we met up with Miss Sara and then had a few drinks at the apartment. Then we got a ride to Exit/In to see Moon Taxi and The Delta Saints play. We had to wait in line for 15 minutes or so, but the weather was perfect! The show was very good, even though we missed The Delta Saints.. (sad). Riley was there! We danced with him, and then of course he bought some drinks.. thank you, sir.
Also, at the show were two people.. boys, obvi.. that made the situation awkward and hilarious because we didn't speak to them. Just the fact that they were standing right next to us, made me laugh.. and made me hyper.. so strange.
Then we went to some lame Belmont party. It honestly was horrible. Karla yelled something that was hilarious, and right when she yelled it.. the music cut off, of course. Everyone just looked at us.. so we left. :)
We ended the night by going to Stephen and Ben's new place in the ICON. I'm am so extremely jealous of their living space. It is quite amazing. Karla and I were going to go swimming, but then we felt the water.. and it literally took my breathe away, so we decided to wait on that one. We sat and watched Planet Earth and Jockeys, and THEN we finally left and went to BED. - Best feeling, ever.

Okay, then Saturday.. we woke up.. and we went to go meet Sarah at Fido to do some homework and eat some brunch. I had the
hangover bomb again with a diet coke. It was the best meal.. yummy!
THEN, we came back.. got ready.. got Sparks to sip on, and went to go meet Adam and Cary (two friends from knoxville that were in town). We had a few drinks at their friends apartment and just talked. Then we went to this party at - The Zombie Mansion. Six bands were playing and it was someone's birthday.. It was quite fun, I must admit. We took lots of photos, had lots of laughs, and listened to good music.
FINALLY, we went home. Karla didn't feel to well so we figured it was time. Then Karla and I had a girl talk when we got back and then went to bed.. it was lovely!

Today - I studied.. FOREVER. And tomorrow will be the same - Intellectual Properties, ahh so hard. Wish me luck!

Ps. The photos are me and Karla lastnight before we went out.

Okay, Ciao! Love you - LWM&MBM


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

lovely pictures.
i need a visit to nashville myself.


ooh! said...

You two are soooo cute!