Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Usually I don't visit too many different websites unless something really catches my eye. Well, that is exactly what happened a couple of days ago. I was on this site looking at photos of Eric Wasson's apartment, and it was so wonderful. Then I saw where the photos came from and decided to take a look. That is when I found this neat and interesting site, which now I love:


As it says on the site, The Selby features photographs of creative people's living spaces or work spaces.
Here are some of my favorites:

Erin Wasson

Ryan & Chuck

Judi Rosen

Chase Cohl

Matthew Eikelberger

Annakim Violette

Annakim Violette

Peaches, Bunny, and Lily

Nicholas Malleville & Francesca Bonato

Brian Lichtenberg

Marylouise Pels & Vanessa Giovacchini

Jonny Makeup

Ingrid Schram

Alexander Wang

Ah amazing, when I move into a new house, loft, or apartment in May.. I will hope my place looks somewhat has magical as these.

All photos from theshelby.com

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