Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why, Why, Why?

Oh, why?
Okay, so I haven't wrote an entry in a long time. Very sorry, but I have been enjoying time off of school and being with family back home so I really have not thought about it. Anyways, I already shared on here that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore were in engaged, but I did not think they would follow through with such a thing.
WELL, sadly.. they did!!!! NO!
On Tuesday they got married. I don't like this, at all. If you know me at all, you know my love of Ryan Adams, and you know how long I have felt such a way towards Adams.

So basically, Tuesday was a sad sad day for myself.
Oh Ryan.. why?


sarah said...

um you need to stop. i love mandy moore like i love sonic diet coke. which is alot. so stop. im soooo happy!

beautiful truth. said...

ugh.. comment above.

i'm sorry daysha..i know how you loved ryan adams! one'll meet him and dump mandy..just wait your turn :)

Daysha said...

I don't like Mandy Moore, and that has lowered your liking in my book, as well.. I joke! I joke!
But seriously, no thanks on the Mandy Moore subject.
Kasey - thank you! but you are one of the few who totally understand my love for him, and most people don't..

Dach said...

I'm sure he was secretly wishing it was you; he probably even accidentally said your name when he meant to say "Mandy". He'll realize his mistake one day.