Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picture overload, I know.. and I'm sorry. So much has been going on lately. Anyways, last night was fun and wonderful. Actually, this whole weekend has been lovely. We (Jeff, Me, Quinn, Benny, and Jeff's parents & aunts) went to the Art Crawl last night in Nashville. So amazing.. the art galleries downtown open up from 7-9 and serve free wine, perfect! My parents should have been here! Afterwards, we went to 12th and Porter, like every Saturday, and it was actually pretty fun. I saw so many people that I haven't seen in forever. One, who is in the picture with me, James.. He is a great guy.. and I have missed him, so that was nice. Then I finally got a good nights rest.. It was much needed. Now, time to go hang out with some of my favorite Nashville friends.
Hope everyone is well and happy!

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courtneydawn said...

jealous. haha