Friday, January 8, 2010

I may be repeating myself, but I do not really care. Like I said in the entry before these past couple of weeks have been a learning and eye opening experience for me. Well, during these two weeks, I have come in contact with certain pieces of work that have only made this experience much more euphoric. So what are some of these pieces? Well, not all have been movies but the two that stick out most are The Graduate and 500 Days of Summer. If you have not seen either of these, I highly recommend doing so.

In many aspects, I can relate to these two movies in two different completely ways. I think that is what is so beautiful and wonderful about art; any form of art. It is a medium that can touch people on an emotional level, which can influence us on our thoughts, actions and decisions. Although I am big on the effect of "words", there are so many other little details that can be so moving - just a random screen shot in a movie can have a definite effect on someone. Or a certain "look" on a person's face can quickly flicker something inside of a person. Just think about one of your most cherished movie moments. Now picture that moment without that one song that was playing while that moment happened. Would it be the same? Would it have the same movement on you? For me, no.. I like the obvious things in pieces of art, but I get excited and my eyes light up when I discover the tiniest aspect in that piece. It makes me realize that sometimes the smallest things in life really can have the biggest impact.

So I thought I would share two aspects in these movies that moved me.

Quote from 500 Days of Summer: Tom walked to her apartment, intoxicated by the promise of the evening. He believed that this time, his expectations would align with reality.

The ending to The Graduate:

Obviously, this whole scene is great, but the very ending where they sit next to each other, not saying a word, smiling, but also looking somewhat scared and nervous.. perfect.

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