Monday, September 29, 2008

"But I remember more dearly autumn afternoons in bottoms that lay intensely silent under old great trees" - C.S. Lewis

(I love that C.S. Lewis quote)

YAY! It's becoming Fall.. slowly, but it's getting here.

So I'm sitting in my Basic Newswriting class about to retake an AP quiz (thank the Lord), and I got bored because I am super early.. so I thought I would post my pumpkin patch adventures from yesterday!

(We approve of the pumpkin patch!)

(Renee, observing the many options of pumpkins.)

(I felt bad for this pumpkin. It totally had the potential to be an awesome, beautiful pumpkin!)

(Spencer had to take a picture in this with his pumpkin.. had too.)

(Spencer, me, and Renee with our pumpkins!)

The pumpkin patch was awesome. We didn't have much time, so we are going to hopefully go to another this week, or as Renee said.. "When it starts to feel like Fall.." Which totally makes sense.

I have a longgg week ahead of me. Basically, just because of school.. like always, but I kind of like it to be that way. I actually feel like I get things done better when I have sooo much to do that I become stressed out. I work better under stress, strange.. right?

Also, next Tuesday, is the BIG day! Belmont is hosting the Presidential Debate here on campus, and I am working it. I am part of the Host and Media group. I'm SO excited. Belmont has been working so much for this thing.. building 3 buildings on the soccer field just for all of the media, and they have built a whole fence around the campus. It's intense, but oh so exciting!

AND, next Tuesday.. I go back blonde. Yay! I'm so so excited. I have loved having dark hair, but I have to admit.. I do miss my blonde. I will give more details later why I am going back.. right now, I must get off and take an AP test, ew.


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