Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." - Hamilton Wright Mabie


Let us, this December night, leave the ring
Of heat, the lapping flames around the fire’s heart,
Move with bodies tensed against the light
Towards the moon’s pull and the cloud’s hand.
Arms of angels hold us, lend our bodies
Height of stars and the planets’ whirl,
Grant us sufficiency of light so we may enter
The twisting lanes to lost villages.
So we may stare in the mirror of silent pools
By long-deserted greens, deepen our sight
Of what lies beyond the things that seem
And make our vision clear as winterlight.
I can smell the start of winter, and it makes me beyond happy. All I really want right now is to be back in my house, surrounded by my family and the pugs, especially mine, Auggie, but Reeanna's pug too, miss Maggie.. with the fire place on, eating home made food, and just laying around.
I have tried not to go outside because feeling the cold air and smelling winter only makes me miss my family and home more. I simply can't wait to be with all of them. They are the ones that make me happy and content.

Auggie and Maggie

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Reeanna said...

I'm ready to see you Daysh! Not long now and you'll be home. Love you very much.