Sunday, November 30, 2008


So I'm finally back in Nashville. The drive was quite long today considering all of the Thanksgiving traffic. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but being in a car by yourself for 7 hours can get old, very fast, and it did. BUT I was very happy to pull into Nashville. It felt so weird to be back, like I didn't even go home. It was of course overcast, like usually. That's okay though because I'm hoping this cold overcast weather brings us snow tomorrow like the weather folks are saying. We'll see though.
I miss home already, and I can't wait to go back home for Christmas break. That's my favorite because it's so long, and usually I get to see some snow at least a tiny bit. Only two more weeks here in Nashville, a lot of school work, a lot of studying, a lot of major tests, and then I will be driving that dreadful 7 hour drive all by myself again.. but it is worth the drive once I walk into my home and see my parents and auggie, of course. Best feeling evvvvvvver.
Over the break I got to see some of my good friends, which was very nice.. OH! and we danced a little bit, haha. Megan and I had a reuniting moment (actually we had a few) where we just talked about certain things. She is probably one of the most understanding people I've met, and it was so nice to finally see her again and talk like old times. She's a doll. Friends:

Now it's time to work on the PR article that I still haven't been able to write. I don't know what is wrong with me lately! Wish me luck.. again.

Ciao, Ciao.

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